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​As a architectural & Real Estate Photographer Our mission is to help the prospective buyers visualize how wonderful it would be to live in the properties we offer by looking at our Real Estate Photography. The pictures need to sell a story, draw the attention of the viewer, and suggest that this property is the perfect place to live.  We highlight all the beauty, light, energy and sense of comfort through Real Estate Photography. We achieve this combination with the very best of Real Estate photography. By using the newest state of the art technological advance equipment.  All photos and video are custom edited by Us. Using the sellers original furnishings,  we can often reposition and shift them to accentuate the views, architectural features and all hidden gems that shed more bright light on a home. With over 25 years of staging experience, we have developed a keen "editing eye" which brings out only the very best in our client's properties. This is thanks to the massive inventory available on the internet. At Esthetic Real Estate Photography, it is our job to make pictures stand out and say "WOW. THAT IS WHERE WE WANT TO LIVE"

I was given the gift of an architectural and artistic eye with the ability to see through and around things in a way most people do not. I have a natural sense of visual balance, an understanding of color, shadows, light and so much more. I am able to use the most technically advanced camera equipment available. Graphically, my skill sets are highly advanced and I have been educated in this arena. Along with being a skilled Architectural & Interior Real Estate Photographer, I am a trained fine artist and have a unique artist's point of view with my favorite medium being the simple pencil. As an Architectural & Real Estate Photographer, all of the above attributes help me see how to create real estate photography to enhance MLS listings in the most positive way. Our marketplace is all of Southwest Florida, most specifically  Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero.

My partner has been a residential designer for 25 years and has been staging homes for the purpose of resale in Naples, Bonita Spring and Estero for 17 years. She is an expert at shifting around owner's furnishings to create the most alluring photos possible. She has a massive catalog of projects completed, and never stops creating that 'WOW' buyers are looking for.

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