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​I was given the gift of an architectural artistic eye with the ability to see through, past and around things, in a way most people do not in Real Estate Photography. I have a natural sense of visual balance, an understanding of color, shadows, light and so much more. I am able to use the most technically-advanced camera equipment available. Graphically, my skill sets are highly advanced, and I have been educated in this arena. Along with being a skilled Architectural & Interior Real Estate Photographer, I am as skilled as a fine artist. I have a unique artist's point of view, and I am very skilled with the use of the simple pencil. This is an interesting converse attraction to my technical skills, described above. As a Architectural & Real Estate Photographer, all of the above attributes help me see how to create real estate photography to enhance MLS listings in the most positive way in all South West Florida Real Estate market, helping Realtors in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral.....

My partner has been a residential designer for 25 years. She is an expert at shifting around owner's possessions to create the most alluring photos possible. She has a massive catalogue of projects completed, and never stops creating that 'WOW' buyers are looking for.

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